Vehicle Maintenance Audits

  • Find and control the problems before the DOT knocks on your door
  • Include our inspection and training services as part of a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) post-audit
  • The only 100% proactive approach to finding issues before they become a problem
  • Control shop costs by prioritizing the most critical repairs (not just what the driver's write up)
  • Can be done after-hours, at your terminal so there is no interruption to your daily business

Annual Inspections

  • We offer mobile, DOT compliant annual inspections
  • Save time & money by having us come to you
  • You make the call, we'll take care of the rest
  • Many mechanics are not certified to perform these inspections but them do anyway
  • Incorrect annual inspections can lead to fines of over $4,400

Random Inspections

  • It's like random drug testing....only for your fleet!
  • Works better than anything else on the market
  • Stops most breakdowns and DOT violations
  • Clean up your CSA scores in no time
  • Enroll your fleet in your own random testing pool this month

Pre-Purchase Inspections

  • Buy your next piece of equipment with peace of mind
  • Never trust the seller - they're selling for a reason and likely NOT the one they told you
  • All inspections are mobile
  • If the truck or trailer fails the inspection then it's money well spent to have found out the problems before they become YOUR problems
  • If the truck or trailer passes then rest assured, there shouldn't be any 'surprises' down the road


  • Hands-on, lecture based training held at your facility
  1. Air brake inspection & adjustment training
  2. Pre-trip inspection refresher (for experienced drivers)
  3. CDL pre-trip test preparation (for beginning drivers)
  4. Annual inspection training (for mechanics)
  • Can be done individually or in small & large groups


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